Interior Design

Fernando Rodriguez Studio offers full-service Interior Design including renovation and restoration, architectural detailing, interior styling, and space planning. Whether you are remodeling a kitchen or reimagining a historic estate, the team employs a holistic approach to create interior and exterior spaces that tell a visual story.

Looking beyond traditional interiors, Fernando Rodriguez has mastered experiential design, engaging the senses at every turn.

A modern penthouse could call for a graphic light installation while a sprawling courtyard might feature a calming symphony of fountains. How you live is just as important as where and interpreting the client’s every desire–even the ones they’ve yet to expect–is a delicate dance.


NYC to San Juan

With offices in New York and Puerto Rico, Fernando Rodriguez Studio services residential and commercial clients on a local and global scale. The team is armed with all the design tools needed to execute both traditional or virtual design. 


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