First impression: It’s a conversation piece that makes me want to learn more about the designer, inspiration and construction. I can relate to… Glancarlo Valle. I’m Puerto Rican but spent 30 years working in various cities, like New York and Miami. Heritage has many layers of traditions, cultures and monuments that influence your perspective and approach to design. There is a slight resemblance to… Mayan style from the soft curves throughout the base and seat, yet the colors are very cosmopolitan. The vertical lines give a strong sense of modernism. ON MATERIAL:  There are so many great layers: The shearling, linen and Italian mohair are the perfect luxurious blend. I already see them in… a monochromatic, eclectic home with a blend of vintage and modern pleces in shades of cream or a living room with a soft palette and navy accents Global design is… the present and the future

“The projects I enjoy the most are spaces that celebrate global heritage and blend cultures and ways of living in one space.”